Downloadable communications tracking spreadsheet

Are your communications reaching people? And if they are, can you prove it?

During my orientation on the first day of my nonprofit communications job, I was shown a version of this communications tracking spreadsheet. Already I could tell there were a lot of aspects of the job that I wanted to change up, but I knew I wanted to continue tracking media interactions and email analytics this way.

Since then, I’ve changed this spreadsheet a lot, mostly adding and deleting tabs, developing the document along with our needs.

Through those changes, I’ve also made an effort to keep things simple. I’ve introduced some color coding (green for click-through rates over 6%, red for solicitations, special colors for campaigns that mention a major sponsor) but that’s really it! Change this spreadsheet to match your organization’s needs.

The amount of data this spreadsheet requires you to collect is also very limited, saving you time.

But raw data isn’t the point. If you want a quick overview of how your communications efforts are performing over time at your nonprofit, small business, or your own personal blog, you need a document that you can read and interpret quickly.

This free, downloadable spreadsheet will help you collect just enough information to give your boss an update, report to your board, get new interns up to speed—or even just see for yourself that your communications are working!

Download the Simple Communications Tracking Excel sheet