Exploring the Aran Islands’ Inis Mór

I find the Aran Islands, a group of three islands not far from Galway, fascinating in every way. Locals continue to live the traditional way and speak the Irish language to each other. Local livestock owners still use stacked stone walls built in ancient times as animal enclosures.

Historical relevance of the Aran Islands

Meanwhile, ancient history covers every inch of the Aran Islands. Monks settled the islands long ago, seeking solitude. Tons of pre-Christian and Christian historical stone structures can still be seen in beautiful, poetic ruins. The sense of distance from mainstream culture remains.

The island of Inis Mór (Inishmore) meaning the big island, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland.  It is Well known internationally with over 50 different monuments of Christian, pre Christian and Celtic mythological heritage. There isn’t far you can go before being somewhere where there’s something of historical interest and little reason to question its importance in modern Irish Culture. The main monuments are listed in the attractions.

—Official tourist site

Accessing the Aran Islands

To access the islands, you’ll need to book a ferry ride (the most common option, though it can lead to seasickness on a rough day) or a ride in a small aircraft.

If you plan to anywhere near Galway during your visit to Ireland, you definitely should set aside some time for the Aran Islands.

Ireland islands 2
Houses on Inis Mór (meaning the “Big Island”), one of the Aran Islands, near Galway, Ireland
Ireland Islands
Biking tours pass by Lucky Star Bar, closed.
Ireland islands 4
Traditional Irish thatched roofs can be found all over the island. Due to high maintenance costs, they have become increasingly rare across the country.
Ireland islands 3
Stacked stone walls built in ancient times are still used as animal enclosures.

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