Embracing an experimental film mistake

A few weeks ago, I decided to capture some fall images on my toy camera. I decided to use one of my favorite color films, Kodak Ektar, but loading the Diana F+ is tricky. It involves holding a roll of film in one hand, threading a plastic spool in the other, and trying to shove the two into a little plastic box at the same time without unraveling the roll.

To be fair, loading the camera gets easier with practice, but I hadn’t used my Diana for months. I could have looked up how to load it on YouTube, but I was outdoors and short on time. After several attempts, the paper was wrinkling and unrolling slightly in my hand. Worse yet, it was extremely sunny. Still, I didn’t think it had been unrolled that far. Instead of throwing the roll away and starting with a new, unexposed one, I decided to use it.

Diana F+, Kodak Ektar 100

I wasn’t surprised when I picked up my developed roll of film and it was covered with light leaks. The first few frames were completely ruined, but the last few (the ones that had been closest to the inside of the roll when it was exposed to sunlight) still contained partial images.

In the spirit of experimental photography, I decided to scan them anyway and loved the result.

Diana F+, Kodak Ektar 100


Diana F+, Kodak Ektar 100


Diana F+, Kodak Ektar 100



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